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I remember the day she started at the restaurant. I was about 20 at the time, the girl was 19. It’s a slow start and doesn’t end in sex, but I think by the end of it, you’ll understand why handjobs are now my biggest fetish. Because of the uniforms we wore, there was no way to tell how big her breasts were, but I, like most of the guys there, didn’t care. And before anyone asks, yes, I lived a sheltered life.

I was assigned to train her, to show her the ropes. She had a wonderfully bright older ladies porn pictures ( smile, perfect teeth, and little dimple at the right corner of her mouth that only formed when she laughed. Enormously expressive, they gave her an air of innocence that was extremely attractive. I have no idea if anyone will like this, but I had a hell of a good time writing it.

What I noticed most, however, were her eyes. We saw each other nearly every day, and though I didn’t think it at the time, I was falling for her quick. Now, I’m an extremely dense kind of guy, and had never had a real relationship to speak of.

I found myself trying to get her attention just so I could stare at those eyes. This is my first post, and it covers what was, in essence, my first sexual experience. She was short, barely over five feet, with shoulder-length blond hair that she always seemed to have curled. I distinctly remember one night, after a busy rush, that her and I were sorting a big pile of silverware. We flirted for a little while, and she got up to check on a table.

So when her interest in me became apparent to everyone around us, I denied it. We hit it off almost immediately. Eventually, a series of awkward events on my part led to me getting her number. I watched her walk away with something like sorrow, thinking there was no way I could ever get a girl like that.

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. On one of our respective days off, I texted her to say hi. In my mind, however, we were just friends. We chatted back and forth for a bit, and then, somehow, we got to actually talking on the phone. We flirted more more and more as time went on, the tension between us becoming very apparent. "Oh, I’m holding on, alright," I said lamely.

Again we chatted for a while. We began texting almost every day, and even hanging out after work to grab a bite to eat every now and then. We joked and laughed and flirted. I meant it as an innuendo, and, amazingly, that’s exactly how she took it. There was silence for a beat, and I almost panicked. " I was terrible at this.

It was going really well. She was trying to sound innocent, but I caught the slyness in her voice. "Is it your… you know…" She said slowly. I suddenly wanted nothing more than for her to say the word. Looking back, I think that’s part of what attracted her to me. I was in no way gutsy enough to come out and say "my dick," even though that’s what we were both thinking. "What do you think I mean?

My palms began to sweat. Maybe we weren’t so different after all. So far, this was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me. My pants were still completely on, but I lied. "Your…" her voice dropped to a whisper. At some point in the conversation, I heard a small noise from her end and she asked me to hold on.

"Is it…" She trailed off. "
She inhaled sharply and giggled. "
"I don’t want to say. " She asked, and I thought I detected real shyness this time. That just made it even hotter. "No, what is it that you’re holding on to? Her voice had taken on a breathy tone that was driving me crazy. " She said, and again giggled softly.

"Well… it’s up right now. Of course, I was rock hard at this point, and I wanted this to keep going. "No point being shy now. "Yep," I said, barely keeping my voice from cracking. "
"You want me to wear sweatpants, too? "No, but you’ll have to show me something in return.

"What did you have in mind? "Of course, if I do, you’ll have to do something similar. "
I wasn’t thinking with my brain anymore. "You can pick," I said, and waited with baited breath. Then came a simple reply, loaded with possibility. Believe it or not, we set a time to hang out at the local park the very next day, just before we both had to had to head to work.

"I just might do that," I said. "I think… the next time we see each other, you should wear sweatpants. We met in the parking lot. " She asked, mischief in her voice. I was too chicken to actually wear sweatpants and wore jeans instead. She got out of her car, wearing tight jean shorts that accentuated the curves of her butt, which was always in stark contrast with her petite frame.

I did put a pair in the trunk of my car, just in case she called my bluff. "
I could hardly believe what was happening. We came to the edge of the lake, the sun beginning its descent and reflecting yellow light onto our faces. When the time came, I texted her to let her know I was heading over. We talked for a while, walking back and forth in front of the water as it gently lapped at the shore.

She was a cheerleader, and though her legs were short, they were muscular. My mind, however, never really left what we’d discussed the day before. After a time, I decided to bring it up. "So, about what we talked about yesterday," I said with some hesitation.

Her face broke out in a grin, and she covered her face with her hands. I looked at her then, as she brushed a lock of silky blond hair from her mouth, and thought that she may be the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. "I didn’t forget about that," she said. Her body language told me that she was nervous. It was a beautiful day in late spring, just warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. She nodded her head, still smiling, still hiding behind her hands.

There was a sheltered picnic area just a few feet away from where we were, elevated on stilts nude older ladies in case the lake were to flood. I didn’t see any reason to make her ask twice. She smiled even wider, tinges of red appearing on her cheeks. "How about we go over there. I looked at her expectantly. She smiled at me, that little dimple at the corner of her mouth, and I swear my heart skipped a beat.

She looked back and laughed, bringing her hands to her face again, then dropping them. " She nodded and we walked into the shade of the building. I asked her if she wanted naked ladies to walk down to the lake. "I think we’d better hold up our deal, don’t you? "Just show me whatever you want.

" She asked under her breath, still smiling. "
She tugged at the bottom hem of all over 30 models her shirt. "I can’t believe I’m about to do this. I couldn’t think of anything to say. This was about to happen. She lifted her shirt up to her belly button and hesitated. She looked at me, face redder than ever, sighed theatrically, and lifted her shirt all the way up. "What did I get myself into?
Her nipples were a blur of the lightest pink, pointing straight out. But I wasn’t letting her off the hook. You could only see into it from the lake side, and there seemed to be no one around anyway. I’m sure I had the biggest, dumbest grin on my face. "Those… those were amazing! I walked toward her and pulled her to me. And then they were gone, and she’d turned away, bursting into laughter.
I had no idea what else to say. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. "Your turn," she said, smile wider than ever. Then, they fluttered to my waist. I took a deep breath and smiled nervously as she crossed her arms, nodding her head toward my belt. "
She looked at me, face still red, but those eyes gleamed. I still didn’t know if she wanted to see everything, and I was way too nervous to just whip it out.

My heart was pounding. She was already turning away, but I caught a glimpse of them, two breasts, perfectly shaped and no bigger than a handful. I waited, and the whole world waited with me. I wasn’t hard-far too nervous for that-but I had a good semi, and my head was clearly visible through my thin boxer briefs.

"Why isn’t it… you know. " She asked, and held up her index finger so that it pointed up at an angle. "I’m just really nervous," I said, hoping my eyes conveyed an apology. I realized then that the fact I wasn’t able to get hard probably came across as insulting.

I was also suddenly concerned that we’d be discovered here, showing off in the middle of a park. "Good idea," she said. She grinned, not saying anything. "Maybe we should continue this in one of our cars," I said, hoping for just a little more privacy. Right back to it, then.

A few moments later we were in her car. No girl had ever seen it before. She looked up to my eyes. you need a little more inspiration," she said suddenly, and I looked over. She closed her door and looked at me, again expectant. My pulse raced yet again, but I reached down and slid my jeans to my knees.
Her skin was flawless, sexy older from the flatness of her stomach to the swells of her breasts. I unbuckled my pants, unzipped my fly, and pulled it open all the way. She was tugging again at the hem of her shirt. "Unbelievable," was all I could think to say. She kept her shirt up, and gestured with her eyes at my crotch.

She grinned, exhaled sharply as if she were about to jump into a pool of cold water, and lifted her shirt. "That might help," I said. I swallowed hard and nodded. She reached tentatively toward me. This was the first time a girl had ever touched it, and the feeling was electric. She put her arms down, but her shirt stayed up, allowing a full view.

My underwear was barely hiding a massive erection. I looked down at her hand. I tore my eyes from her breasts long enough to look down. She looked right into my eyes, slipped her hand inside my waistband, and took hold of my cock. "You can go underneath if you want," I said, trying to be cool but desperately hoping she’d do it. Her nipples were small and pink, and hard enough to cut glass.
I inhaled sharply, and my head snapped to face forward. I felt her hand move from the base of my shaft toward the tip. Without any thought, I reached out and gently squeezed her right breast. Without saying a word, she crept her fingers to my waistband and pulled it gently forward. I looked back at her, her breasts still exposed, her chest rising and falling quickly.

" At this point in my life, I thought I was probably average, or a little less than average. "You can take it out," I said, "But I’m warning you, it’s not very big. "I want to take it out," I heard her say. "I won’t look," she said, and turned her head away as she pulled my rock hard cock out to meet the daylight. She sensed my hesitation. She reached further forward and placed her hand on my cock, now throbbing underneath the fabric of my briefs.

Her fingers flexed, feeling. That felt awkward for some reason, so, despite myself, I immediately told her she could look. "You don’t think so? "No, not at all," she said, with enough enthusiasm that I actually believed her. Her gaze never moved from my cock. "
I looked down again at her tiny hand, slender fingers curled around the widest part of my shaft.

Her thumb moved toward my head and she stroked it gently. "That’s not small," she said, and her smile crept back. She turned back, and her eyes fell to my now-exposed penis. I was self-conscious about it, and hoped that lowering her expectations would mean less embarrassment. Her eyes were still on my cock.

" I asked, genuinely curious. Her expression was pure innocence. "It’s so soft," she said quietly. I cupped my hand and bounced her breast, watching with ever-growing excitement as it jiggled up and down. I reached out to her bare breast and squeezed it, feeling her own soft skin and the firmness just beneath.

Still smiling, I glanced at the car’s dash and saw the time. I laughed and pulled back. She followed my eyes to the clock. I felt her hand move slowly up to my head and slowly back down to the base. I glanced back at her. "I guess we’d better. "We’d better get going. "
She pulled down her shirt, much to my sadness, and I put myself away.

She giggled and moved one hand to cover it, leaving her other hand firmly gripping my cock. "That tickles," she said. "How about you grab your shirt from your car and we drive over together? She put the car in reverse but didn’t let off the brake. Work was in less than half an hour, and we both had to drive there and change before our shift. I checked to see if she was serious.

"You should get it back out while we drive over," she said, and there was that dimple again. Immediately, she reached over, slid her hand into my underwear, and in one movement my rock hard cock was out again. So, I unbuttoned again and pulled open my fly.

"Hey again, little guy," she said. I thought this was enormously funny. With a firm grasp still held on my ever-hardening erection, she backed out of the parking lot and pulled onto the highway. She watched as I struggled to fit it back into my jeans. This was almost too much. That sounded great to me.

I grabbed it (we were parked next to each other) and got back in while she started the car. "I’ll just do this," she said, and waved my cock back and forth. ’" She giggled some more, and I grinned out the window. "
"Yeah," I said, but made no move.

As we neared the restaurant, I mentioned that I couldn’t believe we were doing this. We drove like that for a while, her doing nothing more than grasping my dick, me struggling to not bust all over her hand. "‘Hey, look at me, just holding Jordan’s penis! "Maybe you should do that anyway.

" I asked, looking at the cars as they whizzed by. "If we saw someone we knew, I’d just lean over and cover it with my mouth. "What happens if someone sees? "How can I do that while I’m driving? I swear, this girl was up for anything. I had almost gotten used to her hand on me, but now my heart sped up again. "Don’t worry," she said, eyes on the road.

If she did too much more of that, I was going to burst. " She said, and turned the car toward it. "Just put my mouth on it? "If you want to," I said. She unbuckled her seatbelt and turned toward me, hand still on my dick. "Seriously," I said, looking right back at her.

"You could just pull over there," I said, and pointed to a basically deserted parking lot near a She leaned forward and then down. This felt like a dream. She pulled to a stop, put the car in park, and looked at me. I glanced around to make sure we weren’t being observed, and then I felt it.

Her lips were warm and moist, and a tingle spread all the way from the tip of my erection to my thighs, before racing back and nestling into the base of my spine. I felt her move down, teeth lightly grazing me, and then the liquid warmth of her tongue as it traced its way around my shaft. She bobbed a few more times and then sat back up. "Yes," I said, in not much more than a whisper.

I looked down at my cock, her saliva still covering it, glistening in the sunlight. I sighed and closed my eyes. I felt her again, going further down this time, and I placed my hand on the back of her head, running my fingers through her golden hair. "
Was this a first for both of us? "Good," she said, putting her seatbelt back on. "
That evening, our coworkers must have found us intolerable.

She moved back up, her warmth leaving me, and I heard her ask, "Should I go up and down? "We’d better get to work. I watched her wipe her bottom lip in a gesture I found almost unbearable. I couldn’t wait for work to be over.

It was all we could do to keep our hands off of each other. And finally, at long last, it was. Any job we were assigned, we did standing as close as possible. Since I had ridden over with her, she had to take me back to my car. Any time she walked away, I let my hand drift across her butt, and she’d turn and wink at me.

We left the restaurant and approached her car, illuminated only by a few street lamps near the road. She tossed me the keys. By the time we buckled our seatbelts, I was already rock hard. Every sentence was an innuendo. "You drive," she said. The tension was palpable, but I wasn’t sure how to break the silence.

Which meant we got to to be in the car together again. She laughed and turned to me. "You know, if you’re feeling hot, you could just go ahead and take something off. From my peripheral vision, I saw her smile in the alternating dark and light of the passing lights.

"That was amazing," I said. " She asked with mock hesitation. She let it slide off as she arched her back, pushing her breasts outward. "It’s dark," I said. "That’s better," she said, and looked at me. I pulled out on to the highway, neither of us saying anything. We talked as we approached the park where I’d left my car, mostly about how it wasn’t as warm as I thought, and I pulled into the same parking lot.

Finally, I thought of something that was both charming and smooth. "What if someone sees? I felt her reach for my fly, felt her undo it, and reach for me once more. I was grinning like an idiot. "
Trying my best not to crash, I caught glimpses of her pulling her shirt over her head, then reaching back and unbuckling her bra.
I moved my hand to pinch her nipple, felt it grow hard. "Not yet," she said, looking up at me. I could just make her out, her smooth skin subtly reflecting the pale light of the moon. She pulled it out and squeezed. I put the car in park and looked over at her.

I slid my hand along her back and reached the swell of her butt, sneaking my hand inside her pants. Her butt was amazingly firm. She squeezed me harder, and I exhaled sharply. I reached to touch her, brushing my fingers along her nipples and cupping her left breast. She leaned down and again I felt her lips, then her tongue as it danced around my head. "
I nodded and touched her breasts again as she slid her hand up and down my shaft.

She looked at me, face expectant, eyes searching. I leaned against the headrest and squeezed her tighter. After a moment she sat back up, hand still stroking me. I let my hand drift across her flat stomach to her own zipper, but she stopped me. I reached up with my other hand and grasped her breast, squeezing it firmly. I leaned toward her, and I saw her eyes close as she leaned toward me.

My breathing quickened, and I turned away from her. I wasn’t going to last much longer. Her head began to bob, slowly at first, then faster. Her lips touched mine. She moaned, her breath escaping against my cheek. "I’m going to come," I breathed, hardly daring to speak.

I twitched and shot more, some of it landing on my stomach, more on her forearm and then on her hand. Her hand moved faster. Her hand was a blur in the pale light, and I felt myself getting close. A few seconds later I burst, shooting a rope that landed on my neck and chest. She looked down at my cock, stroking faster than ever.

I reached into the back seat for my shirt from earlier and cleaned us both up. She continued stroking me until I placed my hand on her arm, still breathing heavily. I heard an audible gasp. "Have anything for this? I turned to her and saw the smile I was sure I was falling in love with. She held up her hand, covered with my cum.